Pastor James & Melissa

Dear TLC Family, Friends, & Visitors,

We welcome you to our site and invite you to visit us.

W are so excited about what the Lord is doing right now!  Did you know that He is always moving?  We need to stay focused and stay fixed.  If there is one thing that I always want to be is consistent in my walk and in my faith. I was praying today for each of you and just wanted share what the Lord put on my heart for you!

There’s a great verse in 1 Samuel 17:45-47 (The Message Translation) and it reads like this,

“David answered, “You come at me with sword and spear and battle-ax. I come at you in the name of God-of-the-Angel-Armies, the God of Israel’s troops, whom you curse and mock. This very day God is handing you over to me. I’m about to kill you, cut off your head, and serve up your body and the bodies of your Philistine buddies to the crows and coyotes. The whole earth will know that there’s an extraordinary God in Israel. And everyone gathered here will learn that God doesn’t save by means of sword or spear. The battle belongs to God—he’s handing you to us on a platter!”

You got to love that!  David didn’t focus on how big his adversary was.  Goliath and all his Philistine buddies were a pretty formidable force.  None of the Israelites wanted to go out and face them nor the big lug of a giant!  But David did!  David’s focus was fixed.  David’s focus was sure!  David didn’t focus on how big his mountain was, he told his mountain how big his God is!

What are you focused on?  Your problem? Your mountain? Your circumstance?  Tell your problem, your mountain, your circumstance how BIG your GOD IS! Remember, God is the performer, I’m just the believer!  Everyday, something GOOD is always going to happen to you!

We’ve got a powerful message in store for you this Sunday.  You don’t want to miss this!  Know that we are always here for you.  Remember this, “I give thanks to my God for all my memories of you.”  (Philippians 1:3 Knox).  We’ll see you at The Lord’s Church this Sunday!

In His Love,

Pastor James & Melissa