Events for Everyone

At The Lord’s Church, there is always an emphasis on people! Each week you will find that we have many events and activities that promote fellowship and growth for each person individually. For kids, youth, college, and adults, there is always something happening at The Lord’s Church. We believe that is what helps to make us a growing and vibrant church for this generation.

As you come to the church check out our information table and bookstore area. In those areas you will see various brochures and handouts that tell of events and activities that reach all ages. Pick up a weekly bulletin or you may sign up to receive our weekly email highlighting what is coming up for each week! Sign up by simply clicking on the contact link and sending us your email address. Remember, there is always something for you at The Lord’s Church. A place to connect, a place for YOU!

Nexus: Couples & Careers Ministry

Nexus – Connect GroupNexus group (anyone age 20-49), sign up and don’t miss pizza and game night here at the church Friday, Augusy 17th at 6:00 p.m. Childcare will be provided at the church as well, but you must sign up!

Elevation Bible School

Classes are from 6:30 p.m. till 8:20 p.m. every Tuesday. There is a $45 fee per each six week session to cover books. If you are interested in enrolling, please sign up today. To learn more, pick up a brochure!