What should you expect when you come to The Lord’s Church?

Ministry in itself should promote a caring atmosphere and a sense of community. Ministry is what The Lord’s Church is about. Powerful ministry that is relevant to your life and where you are, and amazing worship are part of each and every service at The Lord’s Church. As we say at TLC, “Something Good Always Happens To Me!” We believe that with all our heart! There is always something exciting going on, and we offer a variety of ways for people of all ages to get involved. Our services feature compelling messages that will speak to adults on every level. As you enter TLC, our greeter team will be ready to welcome you and answer any questions that you may have.

What do you have for kids and teenagers?

At The Lord’s Church, we believe that kids come first! From our Radioactive Student Ministry for teenagers to the classes for newborns up through pre-youth, we offer engaging programs for every age group. To learn more about our children’s programs, see our TLC Kids page. For information about our Radioactive Student Ministry, check out that page as well.

How do I get involved?

At The Lord’s Church we believe in creating a sense of community, which is why we provide a variety of ways for people to get involved. There are different groups for shared interests, Bible studies, and there are many volunteer opportunities available for those who would like to take part.


Located at the back of the main sanctuary, the information table is the place to get your questions answered. Our weekly worship guides also provide information about upcoming events and ways to participate. You may also e-mail us during the week at: contact@thelordschurchmemphis.com.